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2017 Updated CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U51 PDF Dumps For FC0-U51 Certification Download

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Vendor: CompTIA
Certifications: CompTIA IT Fundamentals
Exam Name: CompTIA IT Fundamentals
Exam Code: FC0-U51
Total Questions: 286 Q&As
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2017
Exam Codes:FC0-U51 (proctored), FC0-Z51 (non-proctored)
Exam Details:The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam covers foundational IT concepts including identifying and explaining computer components, installing software, establishing network connectivity and preventing security risks.
Number of Questions:75 questions
Type of Questions:Multiple choice
Length of Test:60 Minutes
Passing Score:650
Recommended Experience:No prior experience necessary
Languages:English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Korean, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese
Exam Information:

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Lead4pass Latest and Most Accurate CompTIA FC0-U51 pdf Q&As (1-8)

Exam A
FC0-U51 pdf QUESTION 1
What are the options available for configuring SSL in WebLogic Server? Select all that apply.
A. Client Certs Checked and Requested
B. Client Certs Requested But Not Enforced
C. Client Certs Not Checked
D. Client Certs Not Requested

Correct Answer: BD
FC0-U51 pdf QUESTION 2
Scenario : You have made the decision to migrate all your operations onto WebLogic Server. An application has been chosen from each department for the initial phase of migration one from each of Sales, Marketing, Accounts, and Customer Service. The applications will be deployed as individual EAR files to a cluster of WebLogic Server 9.x instances, each with a pool of connections to an Oracle 10g database that provides corporate and departmental data services. The database team hopes to upgrade the database to use Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) shortly, which will require you to configure multiple sets of connections. Connectivity to the existing Service Engineer Dispatch system is via a JMS message bridge. When a service engineer calls in with a report, a message is sent via JMS to the Customer Service application deployed in WebLogic Server. The customer record in the Customer Service database must be updated with details from the message. It is important that the message is not lost because the call management system is not able to resend messages. To address this, the Customer Service application is accessing a persistent JMS Queue using an XA compatible connection factory. The database team informs you that they have now implemented Oracle Real Application Clusters (RA for the Customer Service database, and applications should connect to a second database node if the primary node is unavailable. You set up a Multi Data Source in Failover mode, which is configured to use two Data Sources PrimaryDS and SecondaryDS, each connecting to one Oracle RAC node. WebLogic Server will fail over to SecondaryDS if a connection test to PrimaryDS fails. Under what other condition will this happen by default (that is, with no additional options checke)? Exhibit:

A. If a connection to PrimaryDS is not released within Statement Timeout seconds.
B. If all the connections to PrimaryDS are in use.
C. If the administrator has suspended the PrimaryDS Data Source.
D. Failover will only occur if a connection test fails for a PrimaryDS connection.

Correct Answer: C
FC0-U51 pdf QUESTION 3
What two best practices should be used when exporting an application’s deployment configuration?
A. Create null variables for all of an application’s external resource-name dependencies.
B. Use weblogic.PlanGenerator only for exporting resource dependencies.
C. Use the Administration Console to remove variables from a plan.
D. Use the Administration Console to add individual tuning property values to the deployment plan or to validate a custom deployment plan.

Correct Answer: BD


FC0-U51 pdf QUESTION 4
An application needs to be upgraded using the production redeployment strategy. Which of the following are the deployment restrictions (Choose two)?
A. Deployment targets cannot be changed.
B. The security model cannot be changed.
C. A new application must be loaded from the same directory as the old application.
D. The version identifier must be specified in the application’s MANIFEST.MF file.

Correct Answer: AB
FC0-U51 pdf QUESTION 5
Assuming that the Administration Port is enabled, which of the following statements are true?
A. Managed Servers must connect to the Administration Server through the administration port.
B. All the Managed Servers and Administration Servers must be configured for SSL protocol.
C. HTTP Session Replication between two Managed Servers will use the administration port.
D. The Administration Console will still be available using the HTTP normal listen port.

Correct Answer: AB
FC0-U51 pdf QUESTION 6
Which of the following is false regarding auto-deployment?
A. If auto-deployment is enabled, when an application is copied into the /autodeploy directory of the Administration Server, the Administration Server detects the presence of the new application and deploys it automatically.
B. If you delete application files from the /autodeploy directory when the server is not active, WebLogic Server will still detect that the application files were deleted even when the server is again in an active state.
C. When you switch from the development mode to production mode, any applications that were previously deployed via the /autodeploy directory remain deployed; if you wish to undeploy or redeploy such applications after you have switched to production mode, you must undeploy or redeploy them manually.
D. When an application has been auto-deployed in the exploded archive format, the Administration Server periodically looks for a file named REDEPLOY in the exploded application directory. If the timestamp on this file changes, the Administration Server redeploys the exploded directory.
E. Production mode disables the auto-deployment feature and prevents any applications you place in the / autodeploy directory after you switch to production mode from being deployed.

Correct Answer: B


FC0-U51 pdf NO.7  A video camera has a coaxial cable output. The video signal is to be distributed to devices that
have balanced twisted pair inputs. The transition between these two different transmission media
can be accomplished by using a:
A. Converter
B. Modulator
C. Balun
D. Transceiver
E. Cross connect
Answer: C

FC0-U51 pdf NO.8 Cementitious materials are ________ based materials.
A. Dry powder
B. Sand
C. Latex
D. Solvent
Answer: A

FC0-U51 pdf

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